Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

In the chemical industry pumps have been supplied also for melamine, ethylene, polyethylene, methanol, LPG, alcohols and resins plants.

Agrolinz Melamine - Worldwide Locations
Air Liquide - France
AKZO Chemicals - U.K.
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co.- Iran
Borzouyeh Petrochemical Co. - Iran
CGPC Polymer Corp. - Taiwan
Chimica del Friuli - Italy
Chongquing Ciyuan Chemical Material Co. - China
Chongquing Jianfeng Industrial Group - China
CNPC Harbin Petrochemical Branch Co. - China
Colgate Palmolive - Barbados
Condea Augusta - Italy
Cuba Equipos - Cuba
Dongyuan Scien-Tech Co. - China
DSM Melamine - The Netherlands
ECEC - China
Fujian Meizhouwan Chlor-Alkali Chemical Industry  - China
Fushun Petrochemical Co. - China
Henkel - Italy
Hindustan Lever - India
Industrie Chimiche Caffaro - Italy
Jam Petrochemical Co. - Iran
Kuwait Melamine Ind. - Kuwait
Mira Lanza - Italy
National Plastic Co. - Saudi Arabia
Pars Petrochemical Co. - Iran
Petrochemical Industries Co. - Kuwait
Polimeri Europa - Italy
Rapisarda - Italy
Razi Petrochemical - Iran
Reliance Petrochemicals - India
Rio Polimeros - Brazil
Sasol - Italy
Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company - Saudi Arabia
Saudi Methanol Company - Saudi Arabia
Shanxi Sanwei Banghai Petrochemical Co. - China
Sichuan Tianhua Co. - China
Sichuan Tianhua Fubang Chemical Industry Co. - China
Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co. - Egypt
Société Chimique Alkimia - Tunisia
Somicem - Italy
State Concern Turkmenhimiya - Turkmenistan
Terni Industrie Chimiche - Italy
Unilever - Italy
Unisil - Italy
VVF Limited - India
Xin Jiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Energy Co. - China
Xinjiang Markor Chemical Industry Co. - China
Xinjiang Tianye Group  - China

PTO 190 Triplex Reciprocating Pump for Carbamate Solution in a Melamine Plant, Germany.
Capacity 45 m3/h, discharge pressure 175 bar.

Titano 31.30 Triplex Reciprocating Pump for  Ethylene+Vinyl Acetate in a Resins Plant, China.
Capacity 6 m3/h, discharge pressure 270 bar.