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Designing and manufacturing Reciprocating Pumps for oil & gas and process applications since 1895
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Peroni Pompe SpA
Via Tacito, 4
20094 Corsico (Milano) - Italy
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F. +390248910287
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JUNE 2013

In order to strengthen its presence in the region of Central Europe Peroni Pompe Spa decided to establish Peroni Pumpen GmbH, a new subsidiary located in Vienna. From this location Peroni will be able to better serve its Clients in Germany, Austria and in Eastern Europe, specifically in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia and Slovenia. Peroni clients in this area will enjoy a local technical support for the purchase of the pumps needed for their new installations and a customer service able to offer training and consulting services.





APRIL 2013

Peroni Pumps India, after having opened last year an office in New Delhi, has recently established an office also in Mumbai. In this way the Indian North West area, where the majority of the installations requiring our types of pumps for the Oil & Gas and the Hydrocarbon Processing Industries is located, is directly covered by our subsidiary company that is always ready to assist our Customers in all the phases of new projects and on the field for the service relevant to our pumps.